Buy YuGiOh Legendary Collection 1 Reprint in New Zealand.

YuGiOh Legendary Collection 1 Reprint

Producers Info:

Treasures of the Pharaoh – from the dawn of Dueling!

The Legendary Collection: Gameboard Edition includes 6 of the most popular booster packs from the earliest days of the game, including the very first set: Legend of Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

In addition, this set also includes special variant cards with some of the most famous monsters from the original TV series, including Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Dark Magician, and Red-Eyes B. Dragon, as well as three of the most popular, most requested, and most sought-after monsters ever created: The original Egyptian God Card Promos!

Along with a sturdy collectible box starring the Egyptian God Cards, the Legendary Collection: Gameboard Edition also comes with a double-sided Game Board featuring all three Egyptian God Card monsters and some of the most beloved characters from the classic era.

The Legendary Collection: Gameboard Edition contains:

  •     1 pack of Legend of Blue-Eyes White Dragon
  •     1 pack of Metal Raiders
  •     1 pack of Spell Ruler
  •     1 pack of Pharaoh’s Servant
  •     1 pack of Dark Crisis
  •     1 pack of Invasion of Chaos
  •     1 Ultra Rare Obelisk the Tormentor card
  •     1 Ultra Rare Slifer the Sky Dragon card
  •     1 Ultra Rare The Winged Dragon of Ra card
  •     1 Ultra Rare Blue-Eyes White Dragon card
  •     1 Ultra Rare Dark Magician card
  •     1 Ultra Rare Red-Eyes B. Dragon card
  •     1 double-sided Game Board

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